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A rust binding for eunomia-bpf

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0.1.1 Mar 23, 2023
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A rust binding for eunomia-bpf

eunomia-bpf: https://github.com/eunomia-bpf/eunomia-bpf

Our target: Run CO-RE eBPF function as a service!

  • Run CO-RE eBPF code without provisioning or managing infrastructure
  • simply requests with a json and run any pre-compiled ebpf code on any kernel version
  • very small and simple! Only a binary about 3MB
  • as fast as 100ms to load and run a ebpf program
  • Distributed and decentralized, No compile helper server

In general, we develop an approach to compile, transmit, and run most libbpf CO-RE objects with some user space config meta data to help us load and operator the eBPF byte code.

So, the only thing you need to do is focus on writing a single eBPF program in the kernel. We have a compiler here: eunomia-cc


You will nedd to build the eunomia-bpf as a library first, then you can use it in your program.

cd bpf-loader
make install


~65K SLoC