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A Modern And Secure CLI Tool For Managing Environment Variables

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A Modern And Secure CLI Tool For Managing Environment Variables

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To see the GPG encryption demo go here


envio is an open source CLI tool that helps make managing environment variables a breeze. With envio, users can create encrypted profiles that contain a collection of environment variables associated with a specific project or use case. envio ensures security and simplifies the development process by allowing users to easily switch between profiles as needed and load them in their current terminal session for immediate use.

Some key features of envio include:

  • Encrypted profiles through passphrase or GPG encryption
  • Load profiles into your terminal sessions
  • Persistent environment variables that are available in future sessions
  • Run programs with your profiles
  • Importing profiles stored on the internet into your local installation
  • Exporting profiles to a file

Sound interesting? Check out the official website for more information such as how to install and use the tool on your machine.

envio currently supports Linux, MacOS and Windows



Erjan Kalybek
Erjan Kalybek

Alexis Hildebrandt
Alexis Hildebrandt



Contributions to envio are always welcome! Please see the Contributing Guidelines for more information.


This project is licensed under the MIT License and the Apache License


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