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0.13.0 Jul 10, 2019
0.12.7 Jul 10, 2019
0.12.6 Jul 10, 2019
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cargo release

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Performs release best-practices, including:

  • Ensure the git working directory is clean.
  • Bump the version in Cargo.toml
  • Run cargo publish (if not disabled)
  • Create a git tag for this version
  • Bump version for next development cycle
  • git push


Current release: 0.12.0

cargo install cargo-release


cargo release [level]

  • See the reference for more on level, other CLI arguments, and configuration file format.
  • See also the FAQ for help in figuring out how to adapt cargo-release to your workflow.


  • Your project should be managed by git.

Dry run

We recommend calling cargo release --dry-run with your custom options before actually executing it. The dry-run mode will print all commands to execute during the release process. And you will get an overview of what's going on.

Here is an example.

 $ cargo release --dry-run
cd .
git commit -S -am (cargo-release) version 0.18.3
cd -
cargo publish
Building and exporting docs.
cargo doc --no-deps
cd target/doc/
git init
cd -
cd target/doc/
git add .
cd -
cd target/doc/
git commit -S -am (cargo-release) generate docs
cd -
cd target/doc/
git push -f git@github.com:sunng87/handlebars-rust.git master:gh-pages
cd -
git tag -a 0.18.3 -m (cargo-release)  version 0.18.3 -s
Starting next development iteration 0.18.4-pre
cd .
git commit -S -am (cargo-release) start next development iteration 0.18.4-pre
cd -
git push origin --follow-tags


Licensed under either of


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.


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