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no-std embassy-usb-synopsys-otg

embassy-usb-driver implementation for Synopsys OTG USB controllers

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0.1.0 Apr 30, 2024

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Embassy USB driver for the Synopsys USB OTG core

This crate implements embassy-usb-driver for Synopsys USB OTG devices.

It contains the "core" of the driver that is common across all chips using the Synopsys OTG IP, but it doesn't contain chip-specific initialization such as clock setup and GPIO muxing. You most likely don't want to use this crate directly, but use it through a HAL that does the initialization for you.

List of HALs integrating this driver:

If you wish to integrate this crate into your device's HAL, you will need to add the device-specific initialization. See the above crates for examples on how to do it.


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