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Easy password hashing (includes bcrypt)

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Easy password hashing

Supported algorithms:

  • Bcrypt


Using Bcrypt as is results in passwords being limited to a length of 72. This means it's not easy to salt the password or support arbitrarily long user passwords.

This library performs a HMAC with SHA256 used as the hash function before feeding the result into Bcrypt. As such, any length of password can be used with Bcrypt when passwords are made or verified with this library.


Hashing a password:

extern crate easy_password;

use easy_password::bcrypt::hash_password;

let bcrypt_rounds = 12; // Secure default
let hash: String =
    hash_password("my_password", b"secure_key", 12).unwrap();

Verifying a hash:

extern crate easy_password;

use easy_password::bcrypt::hash_password;

let success: bool =
    verify_password("test_password", hash.as_str(), b"secure_key").unwrap();

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