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This is a command line tool for downloading posts that match certain tags on e621 or e926.

It's this ported to Rust, which was actually originally ported from JS. I am not Good At The Rust™️ yet, so I am using this project to get Good At The Rust™️. (i.e., the code is probably bad and not idiomatic). If you see areas I could improve, just let me know using an issue.


$ cargo install e6dl


    e6dl [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <tags>

    -h, --help
            Prints help information

    -s, --sfw
            Download posts from e926 instead of e621

    -V, --version
            Prints version information

    -c, --concurrency <concurrency>
            Maximum number of concurrent downloads [default: 5]

    -g, --group <group>...
            Save downloaded posts grouped by the specified grouping. You can specify multiple groupings. See:
    -l, --limit <limit>
            The maximum number of posts that should be retrieved per page. There is a hard limit of 320 [default: 10]

    -o, --out <out>
            The directory to write the downloaded posts to [default: ./out]

        --page <page>
            The page that will be retrieved. Can also be used with "a" or "b" + `post_id` to get the posts after or
            before the specified post ID. For example, "a13" gets every post after post_id 13 up to the limit. This
            overrides any ordering meta-tag; `order:id_desc` is always used instead.

            If used with the `pages` option, only numeric page values are allowed. [default: 1]
    -p, --pages <pages>
            The maximum number of pages to download.

            Can be used in conjunction with the `page` option to start search at a specific page. [default: 1]

            The tags to search for, space-separated. See: https://e621.net/help/cheatsheet




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