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it's a webring with posts from frens!

$ frenring -n 4 -l 80 \
    -s 'https://sdomi.pl/weblog/atom/' \
    -s 'https://maia.crimew.gay/feed.xml' \
    -s 'https://cadence.moe/blog/atom.xml?limit=1' \
    -s 'https://drewdevault.com/blog/index.xml'
    "title": "Making MDR-V6 wireless, the hard way",
    "link": "http://sakamoto.pl/weblog/16-making-mdrv6-wireless/",
    "summary": "Join me as I hack a pair of cool wired headphones to have a detachable cord alon…",
    "date": "2022-11-21T09:53:00Z",
    "source_link": "https://sdomi.pl/weblog/",
    "source_title": "sdomi's weblog"
    "title": "#FuckStalkerware pt. 1 - the LetMeSpy hack",
    "link": "https://maia.crimew.gay/posts/fuckstalkerware-1/",
    "summary": "the intro to this series can be found here a few days ago, while i was starting …",
    "date": "2023-06-26T00:00:00Z",
    "source_link": "https://maia.crimew.gay/",
    "source_title": "maia blog"
    "title": "Seriously, don't sign a CLA",
    "link": "https://drewdevault.com/2023/07/04/Dont-sign-a-CLA-2.html",
    "summary": "SourceGraph is making their product closed source, abandoning the Apache 2.0 lic…",
    "date": "2023-07-04T00:00:00Z",
    "source_link": "https://drewdevault.com/",
    "source_title": "Drew DeVault's blog"
    "title": "How to log in to phpBB for scraping",
    "link": "https://cadence.moe/blog/2023-02-26-how-to-log-in-to-phpbb-for-scraping",
    "summary": "This post is all about logging in to phpBB through manually constructed requests…",
    "date": "2023-02-26T10:57:58.136Z",
    "source_link": "https://cadence.moe/blog",
    "source_title": "Cadence's Weblog"

inspired by Drew DeVault's openring. I mean this is basically a "rewrite it in rust" moment, because I didn't want to touch golang templates, or worse, golang. the main difference is that it outputs a JSON array rather than fill the data into a supplied golang template.

in Zola, you can use the resulting JSON in a template with the load_data built-in function.

this is the cli. the core functionality is a rust library - see the core directory or frenring-core crate (lib.rs).

security considerations: make sure the output you serve (such as html) is sanitized. xml parser is in use. paths to local filesystem are accepted as a source of a feed. remote http/https servers receive your ip address. http communication can be intercepted and altered by a third party.

copyright (c) 2023 lauren n. liberda, usage allowed under LGPL-3.0-only, see LICENSE file.


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