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Mechanical port of Vinnie Falco's https://github.com/vinniefalco/DSPFilters/.

Only RBJ filters are ported over. No introspection is supported & the implementation is quite a different (as Rust would prefer composition to multiple inheritance).

Very untested, be careful with your speakers.

Depends on audio-processor-traits. Exports FilterProcessor which may be used for general filtering needs.

See synth on this repository for a nice working example.

Low-pass filter example

use audio_processor_traits::{
    AudioBuffer, AudioProcessor, AudioProcessorSettings
use augmented_dsp_filters::rbj::{FilterProcessor, FilterType};

pub struct YourProcessor {
    filter: FilterProcessor<f32>, // <- f32 may be f64 if you wish

impl YourProcessor {
    fn new() -> Self {
        Self {
            filter: FilterProcessor::new(FilterType::LowPass),
    fn set_cutoff(&mut self, midi_value_between_0_and_127: f32) {
        let cutoff_ratio = midi_value_between_0_and_127 / 127.0;
        let cutoff_freq_hz = 22000.0 * cutoff_ratio;
    fn set_q(&mut self, q: f32) {

impl AudioProcessor for YourProcessor {
    type SampleType = f32;

    fn prepare(&mut self, settings: AudioProcessorSettings) {

    fn process<BufferType: AudioBuffer<SampleType = Self::SampleType>>(
        &mut self,
        data: &mut BufferType,
    ) {


The filter mutate functions recalculate coefficients for the filter. This should run on the audio-thread only.

In order to integrate with MIDI, see synth; this won't be a problem as AudioProcessor (stand-alone) will receive MIDI on the audio-thread.

For integrating with a GUI thread, the best would probably be to have the audio-thread read the parameters from an atomic store & update the filter when they change (see audio-parameter-store in this repository).


MIT licensed as the original.


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