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no-std drv2605l

A platform agnostic driver for the drv2605l haptic driver

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0.1.0 Nov 11, 2021

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This module implements a driver for the drv2605l, a Haptic Driver device addressable via I2C from Texas Instruments.

Its rather fully featured implementation for both LRA and ERM motors including:

  • Internal rom library sequencing and playback
  • Pwm playback at the in/trig pin
  • Real time playback over i2c commands
  • Analog voltage input at the in/trig pin

A few things are not supported at the time of this writing:

  • bidirectional input
  • choosing loop operation. The prefered and far more common closed loop operation is hardcoded except for the case of ERM rom libraries which require open loop.
  • audio to vibe mode
  • external trigger mode

This work originated in the drv2065 driver and may be able to unify someday.


Licensed under either of:

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