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A viewer/debugger for large DAGs in Vim-like TUI

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0.1.1 Oct 11, 2023
0.1.0 Mar 10, 2023

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dot-viewer is a dot-format graph debugger in TUI, inspired by Vim.

1. Getting Started

a. Prerequisites

i. Graphviz

dot-viewer parses a dot format file using C bindings to Graphviz (v7.0.6).

The system environment should be able to find and include the following header files.

#include <gvc.h>
#include <cgraph.h>

Option 1. Installing Graphviz from Package Manager

Coming from Linux,

$ sudo apt install graphviz-dev

And coming from vanilla Ubuntu, you may want to install these too.

$ sudo apt install build-essentials cmake
$ sudo apt install clang

Coming from Mac,

$ brew install graphviz

And coming from Apple Silicon Mac, and add an environment variable,

export CPATH=/opt/homebrew/include

Option 2. Building Graphviz from Source

Or, try building from the source code following the guide.

ii. xdot.py

dot-viewer renders a subgraph with xdot.py, an interactive dot visualizer.

It is required that xdot is executable in command-line beforehand such that the following works.

$ xdot *.dot

b. Installation

i. Initialize

First initialize and update the submodule dot-graph.

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

ii. Run

Then run crate.

$ cargo run --release [path-to-dot-file]

This will open a TUI screen on the terminal.

2. Features

With dot-viewer, users may

traverse the graph in TUI using,

  • goto next/prev node of the currently selected node
  • fuzzy search on node name
  • regex search on node name and attributes

make and export subgraphs using,

  • subgraph tree selection
  • applying filter on search matches
  • neighboring n nodes of the currently selected node



Key Command Actions
  :q<C-R> quit dot-viewer
  :help<CR> show help
esc   go back to the main screen

Hit esc to go back to Normal mode whenever you are unsure of what you are doing...

Mode Switches

Key From To
esc All Normal
/ Normal Fuzzy Search
r Normal Regex Search
: Normal Command


Key Actions
c close the current tab(view)
h/l move focus between current, prevs, nexts list
j/k traverse in focused list
n/N move between matched nodes
gg move to the topmost node in focused list
G move to the bottom node in focused list
tab/backtab move between tabs
Key Actions
tab autocomplete search keyword
enter apply search

e.g., in fuzzy search mode, /g1_s14_t100 and in regex search mode, r\(H: ., D: .\)


Key Command Actions
  filter apply filter on current matches, opening a new tab(view)
  neighbors [depth] get up to depth neighbors of the current node in a new tab(view)
  export [(opt) filename] export the current tab(view) to dot
  xdot [(opt) filename] launch xdot with the filename or exports/current.dot by default
  subgraph open a popup showing subgraph tree
tab   autocomplete command
enter   execute command

All exported files are saved in exports directory in the project root.

Most recently exported file is copied in exports/current.dot.

Subgraph Popup

Key Actions
h/j/k/l traverse the tree
enter change root to the selected subgraph, opening a new tab(view)

Help Popup

Key Actions
h/j/k/l traverse help messages


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