Cargo Features

dos-actors has no features set by default.

dos-actors = { version = "2.1.1", features = ["mount-ctrl_s1000d002", "mount-ctrl_s8000d0005", "fsm", "asm", "windloads", "apache-arrow", "ceo", "noise", "feedback", "minimal", "main-fsm", "main-asm", "dta", "fem", "serde-pickle", "osqp", "matio-rs"] }
mount-ctrl_s1000d002 main-fsm?

Enables s1000d002 of mount-ctrl

mount-ctrl_s8000d0005 main-asm?

Enables s8000d0005 of mount-ctrl

fsm main-fsm?

Enables fsm of m2-ctrl

Affects clients::fsm

asm main-asm?

Enables asm of m2-ctrl

Affects clients::asm, windloads::fem_asm, windloads::fem_fsm

windloads minimal? = parse-monitors

Affects clients::windloads

apache-arrow minimal? = arrow, parquet

Affects clients::arrow_client

ceo minimal? = crseo, nalgebra
noise = rand, rand_distr
sampler feedback
minimal main-asm? main-fsm? = apache-arrow, ceo, lom, m1-ctrl, windloads
main-fsm = fsm, minimal, mount-ctrl_s1000d002
main-asm = asm, minimal, mount-ctrl_s8000d0005

Affects clients::dta

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

nalgebra ceo?

Enables nalgebra ^0.31

parse-monitors windloads?

Enables parse-monitors ^0.1.0

fem implicit feature

Enables gmt-fem ^0.3.0


Giant Magellan Telescope Finite Element Model

Affects clients::fem

mount-ctrl mount-ctrl_s1000d002? mount-ctrl_s8000d0005?

Affects clients::mount

m1-ctrl minimal?

Affects clients::m1

m2-ctrl asm? fsm?
arrow apache-arrow?

Enables arrow ^10.0.0

parquet apache-arrow?

Enables parquet ^10.0.0

rand noise?
rand_distr noise?
serde-pickle implicit feature

Enables serde-pickle


A serde-based serialization library for Python's pickle format

lom minimal?

Enables gmt-lom ^0.1.8

Affects clients::lom

osqp implicit feature

Enables osqp


The OSQP (Operator Splitting Quadratic Program) solver

matio-rs implicit feature

Enables matio-rs ^0.2.1


Rust wrapper to MATLAB MAT file I/O library

crseo ceo?

Enables crseo ^0.4.5

Affects ceo::GmtState, clients::ceo