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DNSBench is a simple command line utility that benchmarks DNS servers to determine the fastest round-trip time out of each of them. DNS lookup is a pivotal part of today's internet as DNS servers are the phonebooks of the internet. Each time you visit a webpage, your browser sends a query to a DNS server and it returns the IP address of the website's origin server you are trying to visit. If this DNS resolving process takes a long time, this can result in a degraded experience for the user.

Compiling from source

If you are on another platform, compile the binary yourself to try it out:

git clone https://github.com/tropicbliss/dnsbench
cd dnsbench
cargo build --release

Compiling from source requires the latest stable version of Rust. Older Rust versions may be able to compile buckshot, but they are not guaranteed to keep working.

The binary will be located in target/release.


cargo install dnsbench


    dnsbench.exe [OPTIONS] --domain-name <DOMAIN_NAME> --file <FILE>

    -a, --attempts <ATTEMPTS>          Number of requests to run for each DNS server [default: 10]
    -d, --domain-name <DOMAIN_NAME>    Dummy domain name to lookup
    -f, --file <FILE>                  File containing newline delimited DNS addresses to measure
    -h, --help                         Print help information
    -r, --rate-limit <RATE_LIMIT>      Rate limited delay between each query of the same DNS server
                                       in seconds [default: 5]
    -V, --version                      Print version information

Before running this program, you must create a file that contains the IP addresses of the DNS servers you want to benchmark. Each IP address should be on a separate line.

# ip.txt


  • Passing the path of the IP address text file (ip.txt) as a command line argument and using www.wikipedia.org as a dummy domain to test against.
./dnsbench -d www.wikipedia.org -f ip.txt


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