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0.1.0 Jan 17, 2021

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A library of tools to use for Dungeons and Dragons, specifically 5th Edition. The tools are available as a library of Rust functions as well as a collection of cli binaries.

So far there is a stat generator and a dice roller. There are plans to add an HP generator.

CLI Usage

All programs take a -h or --help flag to display help information.


When used with no options, stats will print out a block of PC stats where each stat is calculated by rolling 4d6 and dropping the lowest roll.

  • -n NUM will generate NUM blocks. Defaults to 1.
  • -f FILE will write output to FILE.
  • -j JOBS will set the number of jobs (threads) to use. Defaults to the maximum number of CPU threads on the system.
  • -q will supress command line output.


roll takes any number of arguments in valid die formats, such as "2d6" or "d20". It prints the output of each individual roll and total of each group given, as well as a grand total. It must be provided with at least one argument.


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