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A tool for getting aggregated shortlog stats

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git stats

A tool for getting aggregated shortlog stats.

Git Stats parses shortlog information to get stats about the files changed, additions, and deletions. For example:

$ git stats -r origin..HEAD
 Author           Commits  Changed Files  Insertions  Deletions  Net Δ
 Luke Hsiao            67            117       +2616      -1126  +1490
 dependabot[bot]       31             62        +203       -267    -64
 Total                 98            179       +2819      -1393  +1426

 Reviewer/Tester  Commits
 Luke Hsiao             1


This is a glorified shell script. As such, it expects that you have git installed on your machine and in your $PATH.

From crates.io

cargo install git-stats --locked


A tool for getting aggregated shortlog stats

Usage: git-stats [OPTIONS] [revision-range]

  [revision-range]  Show only commits in the specified revision range [default: HEAD]

  -e, --email            Show the email address of each author
  -r, --reviews          Show who reviewed/tested commits based on `Acked-by`, `Tested-by`, and `Reviewed-by` git trailers
  -s, --sort <SORT>      What column to sort by [default: commits] [possible values: author, commits, files, insertions, deletions, net]
      --reverse          Whether to reverse the sorting from descending to ascending
  -a, --author <AUTHOR>  Limit the commits output to ones with author header lines that match the specified pattern (regular expression)
  -h, --help             Print help (see more with '--help')
  -V, --version          Print version


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