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A script for grabbing more thorough shortlog stats

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git stats

A small script to get more thorough shortlog stats.

Git Stats parses shortlog information to get stats about the files changed, additions, and deletions. For example:

$ git stats origin..HEAD
 Author      Commits  Changed Files  Insertions  Deletions    Net
 Luke Hsiao       23             40       +1238       -157  +1081


This is a glorified shell script. As such, it expects that you have git installed on your machine and in your $PATH.

From crates.io

cargo install git-stats --locked


$ git stats -h
A script for grabbing more thorough shortlog stats

Usage: git-stats [OPTIONS] [revision-range]

  [revision-range]  Show only commits in the specified revision range [default: HEAD]

  -e, --email       Show the email address of each author
  -h, --help        Print help information (use `--help` for more detail)
  -V, --version     Print version information


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