RUSTSEC-2023-0051 (unmaintained) on 2023-07-30: dlopen_derive is unmaintained

dlopen_derive hasn't been updated since June 9, 2019.

dlopen_derive depends on quote = "0.6.12" and syn = "0.15.34". Versions 1.0.0 of these dependencies were published on August 13, 2019. The 0.* versions haven't received updates since.

Note that dlopen is an unmaintained crate from the same repository as dlopen_derive. However, migrating away from dlopen_derive implies migrating away from dlopen, as well.

This crate has no reviews yet. To add a review, set up your cargo-crev. has been able to verify that all files in the crate's tarball are in the crate's repository. Please note that this check is still in beta, and absence of this confirmation does not mean that the files don't match.

Crates in the registry are tarball snapshots uploaded by crates' publishers. The registry is not using crates' git repositories, so there is a possibility that published crates have a misleading repository URL, or contain different code from the code in the repository.

To review the actual code of the crate, it's best to use cargo crev open dlopen_derive. Alternatively, you can download the tarball of dlopen_derive v0.1.4 or view the source online.