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Command line tool for controlling divoom devices

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Command line tool built on top of divoom APIs for controlling divoom devices, like pixoo (and from how divoom's api/doc organizes, maybe more in the future).

License: Apache 2.0 Build Status

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Install winget divoom-cli
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# Check current channel
> divoom-cli channel get

# Set channel to clock with id 100
> divoom-cli channel set-clock 100

# Get clock channel info
> divoom-cli channel get-clock
clock-id: 100
brightness: 100

How to install

via Cargo

cargo install divoom-cli

via winget

winget install DivoomCli

via scoop

Since we haven't reached the criteria for Scoop Main bucket, we need to use our own bucket at this moment.

# Add our scoop bucket for the first time.
scoop bucket add r12f https://github.com/r12f/scoop-bucket

# Install
scoop install divoom-cli

How to use

It is straight forward to use the command line tool. Usually, we do it in 2 steps:

  • Use device discovery API to find all devices in the LAN that we are in.
  • Use device APIs to control the devices. No login/authentication is needed in the process.

Discover devices in the same LAN

> divoom-cli discover
- device-name: Pixoo
  device-id: 300000001

Use Devices APIs to control the device

All device APIs are having the same format:

divoom-cli <device-address> <api-category> <api> [parameters]

So we can run the commands like below:

# Check current channel
> divoom-cli channel get

# Check current clock
> divoom-cli channel get-clock
clock_id: 100
brightness: 67

# Set channel to clock with id 100
> divoom-cli channel set-clock 100

# Play a gif from Internet by calling the API provided by Divoom Device.
# Please note that: this API can be unstable and only accepts GIF with 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 image size.
> divoom-cli animation gif play --url https://www.gifandgif.eu/animated_gif/Planets/Animated%20Gif%20Planets%20(16).GIF

# To help playing GIF in a more stable way, we can use the image animation API to craft an animation and draw the GIF
# frames into it and send to device to play, e.g.:
> divoom-cli animation image render-gif "logo-16-rotate-4-frames.gif" 16 -s 100

# Create the same GIF animation as above, but with size stretched, rotation 30 degrees and opacity 0.5.
> divoom-cli animation image render-gif "logo-16-rotate-4-frames.gif" 32 -s 100 -f stretch -o 0.5 -r 30

# Create a text animation
# Please note that: this API only works after we use "animation image render-gif" API to draw anything. This API call will be ignored, 
# when the device is showing other things, like clock or channel.
> divoom-cli animation text set 1 "Hello world!"
> divoom-cli animation text set 2 "The gray fox jumped over the lazy dog" -y 20

# Modify existing text animation. E.g. changing "Hello world!" above to "Hello Divoom!"
> divoom-cli animation text set 1 "Hello Divoom!"

# Send a raw request
# NOTICE: the double quotes in json string passed into the program needs to escaped with '\',
# otherwise, rust runtime (not clap) will eat them before reaching main function, even we 
# pass the whole string as a string.
> divoom-cli raw '{\"Command\": \"Device/SetHighLightMode\", \"Mode\": 0}'

Parameter/Output format

By default, divoom-cli uses yaml as output format with all field names in kebab-case. And beside yaml, we support json format too.

To specify the output format, we can use -o parameter:

> divoom-cli -o json channel get-clock

> divoom-cli -o yaml channel get-clock
clock-id: 100
brightness: 67

For values, divoom-cli always expect camelCase to be used, both in parameter and output.

> divoom-cli channel set customPage

> divoom-cli channel get

More help

We can find more info in the command help like below.

> divoom-cli
divoom-cli 0.0.1

    divoom-cli.exe [OPTIONS] [device-address] <SUBCOMMAND>

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -o, --output <output>    Output format. [default: yaml]

    <device-address>    Device Address. Required when using device APIs, such as "channel get".

    animation    Animation related APIs
    batch        Batch related APIs
    channel      Channel related APIs
    discover     Discover divoom devices by calling into divoom service API
    help         Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    raw          Sending raw request
    system       System/device related APIs
    tool         APIs to launch some tools


To debug and see the logs and the raw request that we send, we can use RUST_LOG environment variable to change the logging level to debug to enable the logs:

On Windows with powershell:

$env:RUST_LOG="debug"; divoom-cli channel get

On Windows with cmd:

set RUST_LOG=debug && divoom-cli channel get

And on linux:

RUST_LOG=debug divoom-cli channel get

Then we will see the output log like below:

[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG divoom::clients::common::divoom_rest_client] Sending request: Url = "", Body = "{"Command":"Channel/GetIndex"}"
[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG reqwest::connect] starting new connection:
[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG hyper::client::connect::http] connecting to
[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG hyper::client::connect::http] connected to
[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG hyper::proto::h1::io] flushed 107 bytes
[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG hyper::proto::h1::io] parsed 2 headers
[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG hyper::proto::h1::conn] incoming body is chunked encoding
[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG hyper::proto::h1::decode] incoming chunked header: 0x22 (34 bytes)
[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG reqwest::async_impl::client] response '200 OK' for
[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG divoom::clients::common::divoom_rest_client] Response header received: StatusCode = 200
[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG hyper::proto::h1::conn] incoming body completed
[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG hyper::client::pool] pooling idle connection for ("http",
[2022-07-10T00:33:50Z DEBUG divoom::clients::common::divoom_rest_client] Response received: Body = "{"error_code": 0, "SelectIndex":3}"

To revert it back, we can use the same way to set the RUST_LOG to warn level:

> $env:RUST_LOG="warn"; divoom-cli channel get


If you are interested in the APIs that this tool is calling and the rust SDK that it uses, please check it here: https://github.com/r12f/divoom/blob/main/README.md.


Apache-2.0: https://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0


~872K SLoC