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bin+lib diverter

quickly switch between Steam accounts on Windows

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diverter diverter

Switch between Steam accounts without relogging on Windows.


Typical usage is as follows:

diverter -rs my_other_account # change account and restart Steam

The s[et] <USERNAME> flag sets the account by username, and r[estart] indicates a restart.

The restart flag can be supplied multiple times, each time makes the restart slower but more graceful. If supplied three times, it will shut down Steam gracefully, which is a good idea for when you think Steam might be in the middle of a filesystem operation, such as when you're downloading a game, uploading your save to the Steam Cloud, etc.

diverter -rrrs my_other_account # change account and restart Steam gracefully

See --help for complete usage documentation.


Download the latest release, or build using cargo from source via cargo install diverter.


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