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Core library for distant, enabling operation on a remote computer through file and process manipulation

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0.20.0-alpha.3 Nov 28, 2022
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0.16.4 Jun 7, 2022
0.15.1 Nov 16, 2021

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distant core

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Library that powers the distant binary.

🚧 (Alpha stage software) This library is in rapid development and may break or change frequently! 🚧


The distant-core library supplies the client, manager, and server implementations for use with the distant API in order to communicate with remote machines and perform actions. This library acts as the primary implementation that powers the CLI, but is also available for other extensions like distant-ssh2.


You can import the dependency by adding the following to your Cargo.toml:

distant-core = "0.19"


Currently, the library supports the following features:

  • clap: generates Clap bindings for DistantRequestData (used by cli to expose request actions)
  • schemars: derives the schemars::JsonSchema interface on DistantMsg, DistantRequestData, and DistantResponseData data types

By default, no features are enabled on the library.


Below is an example of connecting to a distant server over TCP without any encryption or authentication:

use distant_core::{
  net::{PlainCodec, TcpClientExt},
use std::{net::SocketAddr, path::Path};

// Connect to a server located at example.com on port 8080 that is using
// no encryption or authentication (PlainCodec)
let addr: SocketAddr = "example.com:8080".parse().unwrap();
let mut client = DistantClient::connect(addr, PlainCodec).await
  .expect("Failed to connect");

// Append text to a file
// NOTE: This method comes from DistantChannelExt
client.append_file_text(Path::new("path/to/file.txt"), "new contents").await
  .expect("Failed to append to file");


This project is licensed under either of

Apache License, Version 2.0, (LICENSE-APACHE or apache-license) MIT license (LICENSE-MIT or mit-license) at your option.


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