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macro dioxus-html-macro

An html macro for dioxus applications

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0.3.0 May 11, 2023
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0.1.0 Jan 19, 2021

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dioxus html macro

This crate offers an html! like macro for dioxus applications. It expands to the equivalent rsx! macro call you would have made otherwise, so it does not rely on any dioxus' internals.

use dioxus::prelude::*; 
use dioxus_html_macro::html; 

fn app(cx: Scope) -> Element {
    let mut count = use_state(&cx, || 0);
        <h1>"High-Five counter: {count}"</h1>
        <button onclick={move |_| count += 1}>"Up high!"</button>
        <button onclick={move |_| count -= 1}>"Down low!"</button>

Note that unlike HTML and JSX, styling of html tags is done via attributes:

    <h1 color="red">"High-Five counter: {count}"</h1>


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