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Diesel Adapter for Casbin-RS (Rust)

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Diesel Adapter is the Diesel adapter for Casbin-rs. With this library, Casbin can load policy from Diesel supported database or save policy to it.

Based on Diesel, The current supported databases are:

Attention: postgres, mysql, sqlite are mutual exclusive which means that you can only activate one of them.


In order to unify the database table name in Casbin ecosystem, we decide to use casbin_rule instead of casbin_rules from version 0.9.0. If you are using old version diesel-adapter in your production environment, please use following command and update diesel-adapter version:

# MySQL & PostgreSQL & SQLite
ALTER TABLE casbin_rules RENAME TO casbin_rule;


Add it to Cargo.toml

diesel-adapter = { version = "0.9.0", features = ["postgres"] }
tokio = { version = "1.1.1", features = ["macros", "rt-multi-thread"] }

Warning: tokio v1.0 or later is supported from diesel-adapter v0.9.0, we recommend that you upgrade the relevant components to ensure that they work properly. The last version that supports tokio v0.2 is diesel-adapter v0.8.3 , you can choose according to your needs.


Configure env

Rename sample.env to .env and put DATABASE_URL, POOL_SIZE inside

# DATABASE_URL=mysql://casbin_rs:casbin_rs@localhost:3306/casbin
# DATABASE_URL=casbin.db

Or you can export DATABASE_URL, POOL_SIZE

export DATABASE_URL=postgres://casbin_rs:casbin_rs@localhost:5432/casbin
export POOL_SIZE=8


use diesel_adapter::casbin::prelude::*;
use diesel_adapter::DieselAdapter;

async fn main() -> Result<()> {
    let mut m = DefaultModel::from_file("examples/rbac_model.conf").await?;
    let a = DieselAdapter::new("postgres://casbin_rs:casbin_rs@", 8)?;
    let mut e = Enforcer::new(m, a).await?;


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