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Standard DICOM attribute dictionary

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DICOM-rs standard dictionary

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This sub-project uses entries generated by the dictionary_builder to provide the standard DICOM data dictionary.

This crate is part of the DICOM-rs project and is contained by the parent crate dicom.


This crate implements standard DICOM dictionaries and constants.

Run-time dictinaries

The following modules provide definitions for dictionaries which can be queried during a program's lifetime:

  • data_element: Contains all information about the DICOM attributes specified in the standard, and it will be used by default in most other abstractions available. When not using private tags, this dictionary should suffice.
  • sop_class (requires Cargo feature sop-class): Contains information about DICOM Service-Object Pair (SOP) classes and their respective unique identifiers.

The records in these dictionaries are typically collected from DICOM PS3.6 directly, but they may be obtained through other sources. Each dictionary is provided as a singleton behind a unit type for efficiency and ease of use.


The following modules contain constant declarations, which perform an equivalent mapping at compile time, thus without incurring a look-up cost:

  • tags, which map an attribute alias to a DICOM tag
  • uids, for various normative DICOM unique identifiers


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