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A tool to help with repetitive commands during development

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Ever found yourself pressing the up arrow and enter 10 times a minute? Ever found yourself typing the same commands again and again?

No worries! Devloop to the rescue!


I've created this tool to allow a very simple workflow: Open a terminal/editor for editing code, another terminal for devloop.

Devloop allows you to recompile (and test, and whatever you want!) with just pressing Enter, and also save a lot of shortcuts to do other useful and repetitive commands.

Originally it was a shell script but the configuration file being a shell script bothered me, so I made it a rust program!


Devloop is on crates.io, so just cargo install devloop after installing Rust. Alternatively, put the binary from the Releases page somewhere in your $PATH (or %PATH%)


Configuration is in a Devloop.toml (by default) file in the current directory.

It is a toml file. Here's an example (from this repository's Devloop.toml), along with explanations:

# This will be printed when you press q to quit
reminders = "Don't forget to format!"

# The `[[name]]` syntax in toml means that you're defining an array of tables.
# So this next section is equivalent to:
# tasks = [{ name = "Clippy", command = "cargo clippy -q" }]
# Each `[[section]]` will define one *element* in the array.

# Each task will be run in order every time you press Enter.
name = "Clippy"
command = "cargo clippy -q"

# Actions is a table where the key is the shortcut (in this case "f")
name = "Format"
command = "cargo fmt"

name = "Test"
command = "cargo test -q"

name = "Benchmark"
command = "cargo bench -q"
pause = true  # devloop will wait for another Enter before re-running [[tasks]]

name = "Build release"
command = "cargo build --release"

name = "Run"
command = "cargo run"  # Another good candidate for pause=true

name = "Clean"
command = "cargo clean"


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