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app defmt-influx

Pipes defmt logs received from a TCP interface to InfluxDB

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0.1.1 Nov 19, 2022
0.1.0 Nov 19, 2022

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A tool to decode and pipe logs received through a tcp socket to InfluxDB. This tool is surely not a beauty, but it works. I shared this tool in mind it might be useful for someone else.

This tool automatically retrys a RTT-TCP connection on connection loss. Can be used seamless in development workflow.

This crate is a modified copy of: (https://github.com/Javier-varez/defmt-uart/blob/main/README.md)

This crate is a derived work from the original defmt project.


run cargo install defmt-influx


example: defmt-influx --elf "target/thumbv7em-none-eabihf/debug/application" --rtt_port "840"1 --rtt_host "" --influx_host "" --influx_org "test" --influx_token "pJv-JIBpjYfK-5E1yme8qrlQltU-LgX-xVWxpfsPyyTjFqqpavvItRL9wY8_9QeEWiKzDzClTlzF60e8qwQlfw==" --influx_bucket "Logger" --influx_meassurement "Node1"


Original defmt work is part of the Knurling project, Ferrous Systems' effort at improving tooling used to develop for embedded systems.

If you think this work is useful, consider sponsoring defmt developers via GitHub Sponsors.


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