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Deeprust Codebase

Machine learning crate in Rust

Installing the package

cargo install deeprust

or alternatively you could install it by mentioning the library name in the Cargo.toml dependecies section

Basic Example

  1. Import the library
extern crate deeprust;
  1. Use the API's available according to the application that you are trying to build, for example I want to get the confusion matrix of my model's performance
extern crate deeprust;

use deeprust::metrics::confusion_matrix;

fn main() {

    // assigning random values to the confusion matrix
    let sample = Confusionmatrix!(100,50,10,5);

    println!("The total predictions {}", sample.total());
    // Calculating the accuracy of the model
    println!("Accuracy of the model {:.2}", sample.accuracy());
    // Calculating the precision of the model
    println!("Precision of the model {:.2}", sample.precision());
    // Calculating the true positive rate of the model
    println!("True positive rate of the model {:.2}",
    // Calculating the false positive rate of the model
    println!("False positive rate of the model {:.2}",
    // Calculating the misclassification rate of the model
    println!("Misclassification rate of the model {:.2}",
    // Calculating the specificity of the model
    println!("Specificity of the model {:.2}", sample.specificity());
    // Calculating the prevalance of the model
    println!("Prevalance of the model {:.2}", sample.prevalance());

For more details on the API's head over to the official documentation There are more examples over there

Setting up the project locally

  1. Clone the repo
// Downloading the project
git clone https://github.com/dvigneshwer/deeprust
cd to_proj_dir
cd ./code/deeprust
  1. Run the build script
bash ./build_project.sh

Additional info:

  • To get a mathematical gist of all the implementation here, check out this link

  • If you are new to Rust language, please feel free to checkout the rust training dir

  • Stuck at any place or spotted an issue with the project or do you have a feedback, feel free to to raise an issue

  • We are always looking for contributors,checkout the issue section & join the gang

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