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A command line tool to generate HTML presentations from Markdown documents

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Deck is a command line tool that generates HTML presentations from Markdown documents.


Slides are written in Markdown. Horizontal rules (---) are used to separate each slide.



A Markdown file can be converted to an HTML presentation with a single command in a single file. By default, the generated HTML contains some inline CSS and Javascript to render the slides correctly. If you wish to customize the output a bit more you pass additional CSS and Javascript files using either the --css and --js options. The resulting document can be open in most modern browsers.

deck build < slides.md > slides.html


You also have the possibility to serve Markdown slides using the built-in server. The following command makes the presentation available at http://localhost:8000/slides:

deck serve slides.md -p 8000

When writing your presentation, it might come in handy to see the resulting HTML presentation evolves as you write. Adding -w to the previous command and ?watch=true to the previous URL will ensure that the web page is reloaded as soon as either the Markdown slides, the custom css or the customm js are modified.

Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting can be customized in various ways. First, both build and serve commands allow you to choose a different theme using the --theme option. By default only a handful of themes are available as listed here.

deck build --theme InspiredGitHub < slides.md > slides.html

In addition, syntect, the crate doing all the heavy lifting of highlighting the code, is able to load all TextMate and Sublime Text .tmTheme color schemes. In order to load a local theme, you must first add its directory to the list of paths where the binary will look for compatible themes and then select it using --theme. Given that the gruvbox.tmTheme is under the directory ./themes the command invocation could look like:

deck build --theme-dir ./themes --theme gruvbox < slides.md > slides.html


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