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DCAP quote provider using the Intel Trusted Services API as a backend. This crate compiles into libdcap_quoteprov.so, which is needed as a backend when using libsgx_dcap_ql. To use this library, the dynamic linker needs to be able to find it. This means you should install it in your system’s library path or set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable. You must set your API key in the OCP_APIM_SUBSCRIPTION_KEY environment variable. You can sign up for a service subscription at https://api.portal.trustedservices.intel.com/. SGX: Software Guard Extensions DCAP: DataCenter Attestation Primitives QL: Quoting Library

5 releases (3 breaking)

0.3.1 May 20, 2020
0.3.0 Feb 13, 2020
0.2.0 Jul 19, 2019
0.1.0 Jan 29, 2019
0.0.0 Jan 24, 2019

#1272 in Hardware support

MPL-2.0 license



To test this crate, install it as your DCAP quote provider. Then, run the tests for the dcap-ql crate:

cd ../dcap-ql
OCP_APIM_SUBSCRIPTION_KEY=... DCAP_QL_TEST_ATT_KEY_TYPE=pck_cert_chain cargo test --features test-sgx-flc


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