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An opinionated database interface for PostgreSQL. It's a work in progress.

Running as a client application or shared server, dbui allows you to query and inspect your database, with a focus on performance, correctness, and speed.

Rust nightly is required, at least for now

See installing.md for installation guidance. After installing, run dbui -h to get started.

See scripts.md for available tools for building, running, and packaging the app.


dbui splits its code into several library crates:

  • dbui-assets: Contains embedded static files intended to be served from the web application
  • dbui-client: Run in the client's browser as a WebAssembly package, includes templates
  • dbui-controllers: Contains actix-web HTTP controllers, usually calling methods from dbui-service
  • dbui-core: Contains definitions that are shared between server and client
  • dbui-database: Contains definitions for working with PostgreSQL database servers and marshalling results
  • dbui-service: Contains the primary logic for the application. It receives RequestMessages and emits ResponseMessages
  • dbui-templates: Contains Maud templates used by the server to render responses
  • dbui: Stored in the root of the project, this is the app's main library and binary



By default, the application stores config files in your system's user configuration directory. See dbui --help to change the directory used.

  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/dbui
  • Linux: ~/.config/dbui
  • Windows: %APPDATA%\kyleu/dbui


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