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CLI tool for a Rustacean's everyday things

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dab: The pursuit of laziness for Rustaceans

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dab is a command-line tool that is intended for Rust developers to savor their much deserved laziness after fighting with async lifetimes or FFI. Right now, it does one very simple thing: create modules. Well, I got a little mad creating modules while I was working on Skytable. Silly? Read this!

Installation 🚀

Simply run:

$ cargo install dab


  • Basic usage example: dab modname. This will create a src/modname/mod.rs file along with a module declaration (like mod modname) in the "root file" which is either lib.rs or main.rs depending on your crate type
  • Advanced usage example: dab -cskip --dskip --public mymod: This will create a src/mymod.rs file (note no directory creation), skip a license header in the "root file" (if any) and mark the module visibility to be pub

Features ✨

  • Create modules in binary/library packages
  • Choose if module is public/private (private by default)
  • Ignore comments on top of file while adding modules ("license headers")
  • Rewrite using syn
  • Support full paths to deeply nested modules
  • Enable parent creation if it doesn't exist
  • Auto add file-header comments ("license headers" for example) to newly create modules
  • Provide a dab.toml configuration that will be read for determining settings
  • Run rustfmt on adding mod entry to the root file
  • Support cfg attributes
  • Support workspaces:
    • Support creating modules by package name (skyd::protocol)
    • Detect workspace root and operate from any other directory (much like what cargo does)
    • Support creation of packages in workspaces
  • Open code editor to the newly created module
  • Have ideas? Create an issue!


Call it my personal itch, in large Rust projects I've been extremely annoyed while creating modules (especially in workspaces). The usual sequence was:

  1. mkdir <package>/src/path/to/module
  2. touch <package>/src/path/to/module/mod.rs
  3. Edit main.rs or lib.rs to add the package the name
  4. Open the code editor and add code

I wanted to trim this down to one step. Hence, this tool.


This tool is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.


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