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Data as a Service (DaaS) SDK

For software development teams who implement the Data as a Service (DaaS) pattern and follow the practice of Privacy by Design (PbD), this DaaS SDK provides enablers to help you easily and transparently applying best practices. Unlike other solutions, this SDK bridges the microservice based DaaS architecture pattern with Data Privacy strategies to provide a complete tool kit and saves developers time from having to search, derive, or piece together disparate solutions.

Table of Contents

What's New

Here's whats new in 0.2.2:

  1. We've cleaned up the code and improved our code coverage


  • Privacy by Design
  • local storage of the DaaS document for listener service
  • Kafka brokering as an independent thread when processing the sourced data
  • Processor service traits for building custom data processors
  • Out of box Geneis processor for managing the raw data and start of all data flows


This SDK comes with examples for each of the key services for the DaaS pattern.

Starting the DaaS listening Service

C:\workspace\daas-sdk> cargo build --example daas-listener
C:\workspace\daas-sdk> cd .\target\debug\examples\
C:\workspace\daas-sdk\target\debug\examples> .\daas-listener.exe

Starting the DaaS Genesis Processor

NOTE: This requires that you have set up a S3 Bucket with the AWS crendentials set as environment variables

C:\workspace\daas-sdk> cargo build --example genesis
C:\workspace\daas-sdk> cd .\target\debug\examples\
C:\workspace\daas-sdk\target\debug\examples> .\genesis.exe

Starting the Order Clothing Processor

C:\workspace\daas-sdk> cargo build --example order-clothing
C:\workspace\daas-sdk> cd .\target\debug\examples\
C:\workspace\daas-sdk\target\debug\examples> .\order-clothing.exe

Sourcing the Data

There is a daas-sdk Collection in the ./examples/postman directory of this repo that contains example RESTful calls that can be imported and run from Postman.


The intent of the daas-sdk development kit is to enable the implementation of DaaS pattern by providing the functionality and components for developers to implement best practices in their own software soltuions.

How to Contribute

Details on how to contribute can be found in the CONTRIBUTING file.


daas-sdk is primarily distributed under the terms of the Apache License (Version 2.0).

See LICENSE-APACHE "Apache License for details.


~817K SLoC