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Text file generator based on C file and templates

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0.1.10 Jul 5, 2023
0.1.9 Apr 22, 2023
0.1.6 Jun 26, 2022
0.1.5 Feb 16, 2022

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C code based Yet Another GENerator

File generator to reduce the manual effort to prepare another scripting files which contain C code information derived by a C source file.

  • Scan C source file using the simple pattern matching to capture the elements in the code
  • Generate text based files using template files
  • Supported elements are inclusion, local variable, and functions

Better use jinja2 format in template files

  • Since 0.1.19, cyagen supports jinja2 format of template files using tera
  • if a template file extension is .j2 or .tera, cyagen generates target files using tera engine
  • example: to create googletest script skeleton and CMakeLists.txt based on C code
$ cyagen --source ./example/source/sample.c --temp-dir ./example/template --output-dir ./.output
$ cd .output
$ cmake -S . -B build
$ cmake --build build
$ cd build && ctest

Available identifiers in a template file

All the available identifiers can be found on docs.rs

Notice: all the new identifiers are not supported on the old style of template (not jinja2 format).


let sourcename = "source";
let code = "\
#include <stdio.h>
static int var = 1;
static int func1(void)
    return 0;
int func2(char c)
    return func1();
let temp = "\
// include
{%- for inc in incs %}
{{ inc.captured | safe }}
{%- endfor %}

// local variables
{%- for var in static_vars %}
{{ var.dtype }} {{ var.name }};
{%- endfor %}

// functions
{%- for fnc in fncs %}
{{ fnc.rtype }} {{ fnc.name }}({{ fnc.args }});
{%- endfor %}
let parser = cyagen::Parser::parse(code);
let gen = cyagen::generate_using_tera(&parser, temp, sourcename);
println!("{}", gen);


// include
#include <stdio.h>

// local variables
int var;

// functions
int func1();
int func2(char c);

Default application command line usage

$ cyagen --help
cyagen 0.1.10
Text file generator based on C file and templates

    cyagen [OPTIONS] --source <SOURCE>

    -s, --source <SOURCE>               source file path
    -t, --temp-dir <TEMP_DIR>           template directory
    -o, --output-dir <OUTPUT_DIR>       output directory
    -j, --json-filepath <JSON_FILEPATH> output json file path
    -h, --help                          Print help
    -V, --version                       Print version


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