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It's not BLASed, it's cursed!


This crate implements common linear algebra functionality in Rust directly in terms of ndarray data structures, without a dependency on BLAS or LAPACK. Implementing in pure-Rust makes it easier to target linear algebra applications without requiring any additional shared libraries.


  • This crate is under development, and may be missing essential features, and functions may hit todo! or unimplemented! panics.
  • Performance and numerical stability improvements may be needed for your application.
  • Unit, integration, and performance tests are being developed, and may not have full coverage.


cursed-linalg is licensed under the MIT license.


  • Portions of this library were ported from MathNet.Numerics under the MIT license.
  • cauchy is used to abstract over different representations of complex scalars.
  • thiserror is used to create error enums.
  • miette is used to provide nice diagnostics for errors.


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