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Create That Project

example workflow


Config Example


$ cargo install ctp

Basic Info

In any file or even in the commands sections of your config file you can place {{__NAME__}} and/or {{__OUT__}}. Both of these will be replaced by their corresponding definitions that you pass in, hence dynamic.

{{__NAME__}} corresponds to the project name you passed into ctp

{{__OUT__}} corresponds to the project output directory you passed into ctp (defaults to the project name)

See here for why this is useful.

Basic setup

Create ~/.ctp.toml and populate with the following:




Next, add the absolute path to a language template under templates

c = "<path to c template>"

Finally, add whatever commands you would like to run like so:

c = ["echo \"Creating project called {{_NAME__}} in directory {{__OUT__}}\""]

c = ["gcc -o {{__NAME__}} {{__NAME__}}.c", "./{{__NAME__}}"]


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