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Library for cryptocurrency address and WIF encoding

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0.2.3 Mar 11, 2023
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0.2.1 Mar 3, 2023
0.2.0 Feb 25, 2023
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Library crate for computing cryptocurrency addresses from public keys and encoding private keys as WIFs for various cryptocurrency blockchains. See AddressFormat for a list of supported address formats. This crate is unique in that it supports address generation using format standards from several different blockchains.

⚠️ Warning

The software contained is provided as-is and makes no guarantee of accuracy. The author takes no responsibility for lost funds or any other damage that results from use of this software.


  • Generate addresses using standard address formats for several blockchains
  • Encode private keys as WIF using standard WIF formats for several blockchains
  • Parse strings to Address format specs
  • Supports P2SHWPKH Bitcoin addresses
  • Supports Arbitrary prefix for Bitcoin Cash addresses
  • Ethereum-like addresses (available with crate feature eth)
  • EIP55 support


Currently the following limitations exist:

  • Does not support native bech32 Segwit Bitcoin addresses
  • Does not support Public Key validation


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