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What is Crossbow?

The crossbow project aims to provide a complete toolkit for cross-platform game development in Rust - from project creation to publishing. In addition, the project simplifies the creation, packaging, and signing of Android and iOS applications. We want to make most of our tools - engine agnostic to help rust game developers integrate them into their engines or games.

Why Crossbow?

There are already cargo-apk, cargo-mobile, cargo-xcode, etc. - why do I need another packaging tool?

Project crossbow is not only a packaging tool for Android and iOS - it's cross-platform build tools, plugins, and toolkit for Rust! With crossbundle you can create native .apk/.aab without any Java or setup Gradle project with fancy Crossbow Android plugins (iOS in near future); with crossbundle-tools you can customize and create new commands; with crossbow-android you can write your own Android plugins in Java/Kotlin.

A lot of functionality was inspired by Godot, Xamarin, and cargo-apk.

Design Goals

  • Customizable: Create new commands with available tools.
  • Simple: Easy to install and start hacking but also pretty flexible for strong devs.
  • Flexible: It's possible to build plain .apk/.aab or .app/.ipa; or with help of Gradle/XCode.
  • Rust: Don't leave your Rust code - everything can be configured from Cargo.toml.
  • Plugins: Godot-like plugins for Android (and iOS in future) with Rust wrapper!


Now we would recommend you to read crossbow's documentation. Over there you will find how to set up development environment, install needed crates and how to use the tools.

Project structure

Crossbundle crates:

Name Description Status
crossbundle Command-line tool for building and running applications.
crossbundle-tools Toolkit used in crossbundle to build/pack/sign bundles.

Crossbow Platform crates:

Name Description Status
crossbow-android Crossbow Android Platform implementation. 🆗
crossbow-ios Crossbow iOS Platform implementation. 🛠

Crossbow Plugins:

Name Description Status
admob-android Google AdMob Plugin for Android. 🆗
play-games-services Google Play Games Services Plugin for Android. 🆗
play-billing Google Play Billing Plugin for Android. 🆗
play-core Google Play Core Plugin for Android. 📝

Helper crates:

Name Description Status
android-tools-rs Android-related tools for building and developing application.
android-manifest-rs AndroidManifest serializer and deserializer for Rust.
apple-bundle-rs AppleBundleResources serializer and deserializer for Rust.

✅ = Works and tested — 🆗 = Works but may contain bugs — 🛠 = Under development — 📝 = Planned

Special Thanks

Also, this project initially funded by Web3 Foundation Grants Program. Big shout-out to them!

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