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Cross-Platform Rust Toolkit for Games 🏹

What is Crossbow?

A goal of the crossbow project is to provide a complete infrastructure for cross-platform game development in rust. In addition, the project simplifies the creation and packaging of crates for Android, iOS, and other platforms. We want to make most of our tools - engine agnostic, to help rust game developers integrate them into their games, engines, and crates.


To learn how to run an example project on your own, build, test, and start using crossbow - read our full documentation here.

If you want learn more about crossbundle we recommend you to start from here.

Project structure

Crate structure:

Name Description Status
crossbundle Command-line tool for building applications
crossbundle-tools Toolkit used in crossbundle to build/pack/sign bundles
crossbundle-derive Derive macros for projects built with crossbow
crossbow-ads Plugin for advertisements 🛠
crossbow-permissions Plugin for runtime permissions 🛠
android-tools-rs Android-related tools for building and developing application
android-manifest-rs AndroidManifest serializer and deserializer for Rust
apple-bundle-rs AppleBundleResources serializer and deserializer for Rust

✅ = Works and tested — 🆗 = Works but may contain bugs — 🛠 = Under development


Also, check out our ROADMAP for a better understanding of what we are doing right now and what planned.


This project is part of Web3 Foundation Grants Program.

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Licensed under Apache-2.0 License.

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