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Crossbow Admob Plugin

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This project is a Crossbow Plugin that allows showing AdMob ads from Rust. Without worrying about the building, just download and use.

Supported features

Ad Format Available
Banner ❌ (probably doesn't work with NativeActivity)
Rewarded Interstitial

✅ = Works and tested — 🆗 = Works but may contain bugs — 🛠 = Under development — 📝 = Planned - ❌ = Not working - ❗ = Not planned to be implemented


Just add Rust dependencies like this:

crossbow = "0.2.3"
[target.'cfg(target_os = "android")'.dependencies]
admob-android = "0.2.3"

And finally, add this to your Crossbow Android configuration:

plugins_remote = ["com.crossbow.admob:admob:0.2.3"]

That's it, now you can start using AdMob ads!

If you want to publish or share your application to show real ads - configure custom APPLICATION_ID through Cargo.toml file:

name = "com.google.android.gms.ads.APPLICATION_ID"
value = "<YOUR ID HERE>"
# By default: ca-app-pub-3940256099942544~3347511713


First step is plugin initialization. In your rust project, you will need to initialize Crossbow instance and then get Android plugin:

#![cfg(target_os = "android")]

use crossbow::android::*;
let crossbow = CrossbowInstance::new();
let admob: admob_android::AdMobPlugin = crossbow.get_plugin()?;
// Initialize AdMob Service
admob.initialize(true, "G", false, true).unwrap();

To show Interstitial Ad, use following code (remember, currently there's no async API for this plugin - so load and show functions should be called as soon as Sinals received or is_initialized()/is_interstitial_loaded() checked):


The result will be like this:

AdMob Ad Result Example

To read signals:

if let Ok(signal) = admob.get_receiver().recv().await {
    println!("Signal: {:?}", signal);

Complete documentation you can find here.

Thanks and inspiration

This Plugin was initially inspired by godot-admob-android.


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