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Libva Rust Wrapper

This crate provides lightweight and (hopefully) safe libva abstractions for use within Rust code with minimal dependencies. It is developed for use in ChromeOS, but has no ChromeOS specifics or dependencies and should thus be usable anywhere.


The native libva library is required at link time, so make sure to have the libva-dev or equivalent package for your distribution installed. The VA-API driver corresponding to your hardware is also required: for Intel hardware it will be intel-media-driver, whereas AMD hardware relies on Mesa.

An easy way to see whether everything is in order is to run the vainfo utility packaged with libva-utils or as a standalone package in some distributions. vainfo will print the VA-API version, driver string, and a list of supported profiles and endpoints, i.e.:

vainfo: VA-API version: 1.13 (libva 2.13.0)
vainfo: Driver version: Intel iHD driver for Intel(R) Gen Graphics - 22.2.2 ()
vainfo: Supported profile and entrypoints
      VAProfileNone                   : VAEntrypointVideoProc
      VAProfileNone                   : VAEntrypointStats
      VAProfileMPEG2Simple            : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileMPEG2Simple            : VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileMPEG2Main              : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileMPEG2Main              : VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileH264Main               : VAEntrypointVLD

For decoding, the desired profile must be supported under VAEntrypointVLD. For example, in order to decode VP8 media, this line must be present in the output of vainfo:

      VAProfileVP8Version0_3          : VAEntrypointVLD

Whereas to decode H264 Main profile media, this line must be present:

      VAProfileH264Main               : VAEntrypointVLD

For more information on VA-API and its usage within ChromeOS, see this guide.


The name of this crate is cros-libva to highlight the fact that it originates from ChromeOS and it not an official bindings. For ease of use, it is recommended to rename it to just libva in your project by using the following line in your Cargo.toml:

libva = { package = "cros-libva", version = "0.0.1" }


For a brief introduction on how to use this crate, see the libva_utils_mpeg2vldemo test under src/lib.rs. You can also quickly test MPEG2 decoding by running it:

cargo test -- --ignored libva_utils_mpeg2vldemo


The first version of this crate was written by Daniel Almeida and hosted in the crosvm repository before being split.


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