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Crazyflie link

Radio link implementation for the Crazyflie quadcopter.

This crates implements low-level link communication to a Crazyflie using the Crazyradio dongle. It allows to scan for Crazyflies and to open a safe bidirectional radio connection.

This crate API is async, the async_executor crate is used to abstract the async executor. Examples are using async-std.

Cargo features

By default the native feature is used which make use of the Crazyradio crate which in turn uses libusb to access the Crazyradio. This will work on Linux, Mac and Windows natively.

By disabling default features and enabling the feature webusb, the Crazyradio-webusb crate will be used which allows to compile the link to wasm in order to run in a WebUSB-compatible web-browser.


This crate currently only supports 2Mbit/s datarate.


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