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Bindings to the couqi-ai Text-to-Speech python library

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0.2.0 Mar 27, 2023
0.1.0 Jul 6, 2022
0.0.0 Jul 6, 2022

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rust bindings to the coqui-ai TTS python lib, using pyo3.

Note about features

This crate does not come anywhere close to the available feature set of the underlying library, and is meant only to provide a way to synthesize speech in rust (that works well, and does not use a cloud service)

This is not one of my high-effort projects, and if you would like to see more features implemented, feel free to ask in the repo

Python dependanices

this depends on the TTS package, (tested to work with up to v0.12.0). it is recommended to install it in a python virtual environment such as venv


Rust bindings for the coqui-TTS python library for Text-To-Speech


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