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Confirms all files are copied somewhere

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Copy Confirmer

Command line tool that lets you check if one library is copied into other(s).


Warning: The crate is still pretty new and there are some big changes to the API to be expected.

Example: Check with one destination directory

To check if directory /path/to/source has been copied into /path/to/destination:

copcon -s /path/to/source -d /path/to/destination

If there are any files in the source dir missing in the destination (say, /path/to/source/missing_file is missing from /path/to/destination), the program will print the missing files:

Missing files:

Example: Check with multiple destinations

To check if /path/to/source has been divided into two directories /path/to/destination_1 and /path/to/destination_2 run:

copcon -s /path/to/source -d /path/to/destination_1 -d /path/to/destination_2

If all files in the source directory are present in one of the destination directories, copy confirmer will print:

All files present in destinations

We can also print a json containing all files in source and their paths in destinations using flags --print-found --out-file some_file.json.

CLI options

Usage: copcon [OPTIONS] --source <SOURCE> --destination <DESTINATION>

  -s, --source <SOURCE>            Source directory
  -d, --destination <DESTINATION>  Destination directories
  -j, --jobs <JOBS>                Number of threads for checksum calculation [default: 1]
  -o, --out-file <OUT_FILE>        Print json output to this file
  -f, --print-found                Print json with all files found if copy is confirmed
  -h, --help                       Print help
  -V, --version                    Print version


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