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bin+lib color_blinder

Takes images and renders a set of images simulating different kinds of color blindness

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Takes images and renders a set of images simulating different kinds of color blindness.

If you prefer a graphical application checkout color_blinder_gtk


Use the --combine-output flag to generate a single output image containing the complete set.

With the --filter option you can select which filter should be rendered. Multiple selections can be joined by comma in any order. For example: Deuteranomaly,monochrome,DEUTAN,BVM97

Demo image

  • Achromatomaly
  • Achromatopsia
  • Deuteranomaly
  • Deuteranopia
  • DeuteranopiaBVM97
  • Protanomaly
  • Protanopia
  • ProtanopiaBVM97
  • Tritanomaly
  • Tritanopia
  • TritanopiaBVM97


Install from crates.io with:

cargo install --force color_blinder

Note: the --force tells cargo to install the latest version.


  • Process multiple files in one run
  • Unify output images into one
  • Optional text labels
    • in the combined image
    • on each image
  • Support transparent PNG images
    • use maximum compression for output files
  • Filter by name
    • filter by groups (MONOCHROME, DEUTAN, PROTAN, TRITAN and BVM97)
  • Parallel processing per filter
    • look into optimising parallel processing single images

In case you would like to disable the text feature compile with cargo build --release --no-default-features.

Feedback and/or Pull Request are welcome


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