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An async and sync background job queue for Postgres

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An async task queue built with SQLx, Postgres, and Rayon

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Coil is heavily inspired by and takes heavily from swirl. In many places of the codebase, code is very similiar.

Supports synchronous and asynchronous jobs. Synchronous jobs will be spawned into a threadpool managed by rayon. Async jobs will be spawned onto an executor. The only requirement is that the executor implements the futures Spawn trait. This way, coil supports Tokio, smol, and async-std.

† This software is alpha, and not intended for production use yet. Use at your own risk.

†† This software is sublicensed as GPLv3. Portions from swirl are licensed under MIT. See the License section


struct Size {
	width: u32,
	height: u32

async fn resize_image(id: u32, size: Size) -> Result<(), Error> {
	// some work

With an environment

struct Size {
	width: u32,
	height: u32

struct Environment {
    file_server_private_key: String,
    http_client: http_lib::Client,
    conn: sqlx::PgPool

async fn resize_image(env: &Environment, id: u32, size: Size) -> Result<(), Error> {
	// some work
resize_image_with_env("tohru".to_string(), Size { height: 32, width: 32 }).enqueue(&pool).await;
let runner = coil::RunnerBuilder::new(env, Executor, pool)

Differences from swirl

  • Supports asynchronous jobs/executors
  • Supports jobs with generic arguments
  • Serializes data into Postgres with Messagepack instead of JSON
  • In asynchronous jobs, database queries will be run asynchronously with SQLx
  • Migrations are included in the binary and exposed via a migrate fn.
  • Enqueue is an async fn


This program includes code from the Swirl library, used under the MIT License or https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

This program is sublicensed under GPLv3. An original MIT license copy for Swirl is provided in the source.


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