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Output related functionality for cognitive

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Do you like configurability and lightweightness of tiling window managers? Do you like cutting-edge technology and want to try a tiling window manager running on Wayland? perceptia is for you! perceptia tries to merge concepts from most popular tiling window managers like i3, awesome, ratpoison or dwm with the freshness of Wayland.

For main objectives of the project see the Perceptia Manifesto.


There are still many things to work on. If you are looking for a working compositor it is a bit too early to choose perceptia, but if you have programming skills and want to join the development team, your help will be appreciated.

Backbone of every project is community. User input is especially valuable for young projects. It is the users that shape what the project will later become. Please go to github and vote for features you want to see in perceptia or share your own ideas. Your input will help to decide which features should be implemented first and how they should be designed.

This repository consists of:

  • cognitive - a loose set of (Rust) crates helping creating surface compositors or other low level graphic applications

  • perceptia - a dynamic (tilling or stacking) Wayland surface compositor basing on cognitive.

Getting Started

For instructions on building and running perceptia see installation.md.

For configuration options see configuration.md.

If you want to see features from your favourite window manager in perceptia you are encouraged to contribute in brain-storming and development. For details see contributing.md.

Contact via mailing list perceptia@freelists.org or directly with authors.

perceptia is licensed on MPL-2.0. For more information see license.md.


This crate contains code dedicated to managing output device like buffer swapping or controlling v-blanks.


~185K SLoC