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A command line application for live-plotting data.


  • Live plotting from stdin
  • 1-many input channels
  • Configurable regex for each channel
  • Log data to CSV while plotting
  • Cross-platform


cliplot will live plot data piped into stdin. It can plot multiple channels, parse data with regex, save data to a CSV, and more.

Usage: cliplot [OPTIONS]

  -r, --regexes <REGEXES>
          Regex strings to parse each channel with. If this is not specified, then a single channel that parses for `$float$` will be used.
          Each regex should be unambiguous from the others, and contain one capture group that contains a string convertable to a f64. Deliminators (such as the `$` above) are necessary to avoid numbers being cut across buffer breaks.

      --csv <CSV>
          Writes read data into a CSV file at path if set.
          The CSV file will contain the timestamp of each reading in ms, followed by the data and finally the channel number.

  -v, --verbose...
          More output per occurrence

  -q, --quiet...
          Less output per occurrence

  -h, --help
          Print help information (use `-h` for a summary)

  -V, --version
          Print version information

  • cliplot uses Rust regex syntax. Be careful with shell interpretations of symbols like $.
  • Some shells like bash have issues with multiple regex strings. In this case, just use multiple -r flags in order.
  • To double-check your regex is being interpreted correctly, run with -vvv. To see the data being parsed, run with -vvvv.


some stream | cliplot

Plots data from an input stream, parsing for \$([+|-]?\d*\.?\d*)\$ (a float surrounded by $)

 python3 print_with_delta.py 0.0032 | cliplot -r '\$([+|-]?\d*\.?\d*)\$' -r '%([+|-]?\d*\.?\d*)%' -c test.csv

Plots data from a python script, with channel 0 eliminated by $$ and channel 1 eliminated by %%. Also log this data to a CSV file called test.csv.


From source

cargo install cliplot

or with this repo

cargo build --release
# Binary is in target/release
target/release/cliplot --help


The GitHub releases tab should have debian archives and portable Windows builds.


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