Cargo Features

clap2 = { version = "4.3.9", default-features = false, features = ["debug", "unstable-doc", "std", "color", "help", "usage", "error-context", "suggestions", "deprecated", "derive", "cargo", "wrap_help", "env", "unicode", "string", "unstable-v5", "unstable-styles"] }
default = color, error-context, help, std, suggestions, usage

These default features are set whenever clap2 is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.


Enables debug messages

Enables debug of clap_builder =4.3.9 and optional clap_derive =4.3.2

unstable-doc = derive


Enables unstable-doc of clap_builder =4.3.9

std default

Used in default
support for no_std in a backwards-compatible way

Enables std of clap_builder =4.3.9

color default

Enables color of clap_builder =4.3.9

help default

Enables help of clap_builder =4.3.9

usage default

Enables usage of clap_builder =4.3.9

error-context default

Enables error-context of clap_builder =4.3.9

suggestions default

Enables suggestions of clap_builder =4.3.9

deprecated unstable-v5?

Guided experience to prepare for next breaking release (at different stages of development, this may become default)

Enables deprecated of clap_builder =4.3.9 and optional clap_derive =4.3.2

derive unstable-doc?

Enables clap_derive =4.3.2 and once_cell


Disable if you're not using Cargo, enables Cargo-env-var-dependent macros

Enables cargo of clap_builder =4.3.9


Enables wrap_help of clap_builder =4.3.9


Use environment variables during arg parsing

Enables env of clap_builder =4.3.9


Support for unicode characters in arguments and help messages

Enables unicode of clap_builder =4.3.9


Allow runtime generated strings

Enables string of clap_builder =4.3.9

unstable-v5 = deprecated

In-work features

Enables unstable-v5 of clap_builder =4.3.9 and optional clap_derive =4.3.2


Enables unstable-styles of clap_builder =4.3.9