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A CGI which validates OAuth2 tokens before calling another script

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0.1.0 Jan 28, 2024

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chkoauth2 is a CGI-based wrapper which will validate OAuth2 bearer tokens before executing another script.

chkoauth2 also includes an IndieAuth extension, which will pass the user's profiler URL to the wrapped script. See the IndieAuth specification for more information: https://indieauth.spec.indieweb.org/#access-token-verification


You will need Rust and Cargo to build and install this project.

To install in your home directory, run:

cargo install --path .

To disable the IndieAuth extension, add the --no-default-features flag. To install elsewhere, use the --root flag. See cargo install --help for more options.


You'll need a web server that can run CGI scripts, then you'll want a script that runs chkoauth2 with the appropriate options. Something like:

OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID="<OAuth2 client id>" \
OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET="<OAuth2 client secret>" \
chkoauth2 \
  https://example.com/oauth/authorize \
  https://example.com/oauth/introspect \
  --scope create \

The sample script uses environment variables to provide the OAuth2 client identity for interacting with the introspection endpoint, which is hosted at example.com. chkoauth2 expects your web server to provided the Authorization header in the HTTP_AUTHORIZATION environment variable. If the header contains a valid Bearer token, and the token grants the required scope(s) ("create", in this case), then chkoauth2 will invoke another.cgi. Otherwise, an appropriate error will be returned.

The full list of granted scopes is passed to the application through the OAUTH2_SCOPES environment variable, allowing the wrapped CGI to check for an optional scope. If the IndieAuth extension is enabled, the profile URL is passed in the INDIEAUTH_ME environment variable.

chkoauth2 can log debug and warning information to stderr. The log level is set by adding the RUST_LOG environment variable to error, warn, info, debug, or trace.


Send feedback, questions, or patches to jesse@jesterpm.net.


This software is distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


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