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Cedar Policy Formatter

This package contains a simple formatter library for Cedar policies based on the pretty crate. We integrate it into Cedar CLI so that you can format your Cedar policies directly. You can also use it as a library in your Cedar applications.

Please share your opinions about the format using a feature request. And report any bugs you find using a bug report.

Quick Start

The easiest way to format your Cedar policies is via Cedar CLI's format subcommand.

# Default indentation is two spaces.
# Default line width is 80.
cedar format my-policies.cedar
# I want more indentation.
cedar format -i 4 my-policies.cedar
# I like shorter lines.
cedar format -l 40 my-policies.cedar



Building the policy formatter is straightforward using the following command.

cargo build


The formatter is invoked via Cedar CLI's format subcommand. Its options can be found using the following command.

cedar format -h


Generated documentation for the latest version can be accessed on docs.rs.


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