Cargo Features

casper-types has no features set by default.

casper-types = { version = "4.0.1", features = ["std", "json-schema", "testing", "gens", "datasize", "version-sync"] }
std = derp, humantime, once_cell, pem, thiserror, untrusted

Enables preserve_order of serde_json and std of getrandom


Implement std-only traits for getrandom::Error

json-schema = once_cell, schemars
testing gens? = proptest, proptest-derive, rand_pcg, strum
gens = testing

DEPRECATED - use "testing" instead of "gens".

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

datasize implicit feature

Enables datasize


A simplified heap memory size estimator

derp std?
getrandom std?
humantime std?
once_cell json-schema? std?
pem std?

Enables pem ^0.8.1

proptest-derive testing?

Enables proptest-derive ^0.3.0

rand_pcg testing?
schemars json-schema?

Enables schemars =0.8.5

strum testing?

Enables strum ^0.24

thiserror std?
untrusted std?

Enables untrusted ^0.7.1

version-sync implicit feature
proptest testing?