Cargo Features

cart-tmp-wgc has no features set by default.

cart-tmp-wgc = { version = "0.1.0", features = ["trace", "replay", "serial-pass", "subscriber", "raw-window-handle", "battery", "gfx-backend-vulkan"] }
trace = ron, serde

Enable API tracing

Enables trace of cart-tmp-wgt

Affects trace::Trace, device::trace

replay = serde

Enable API replaying

Enables replay of cart-tmp-wgt

Affects device::trace

serial-pass = serde

Enable serializable compute/render passes, and bundle encoders.

Enables serde of arrayvec ^0.5 and cart-tmp-wgt

subscriber = thread-id, tracing-subscriber

Enable chrome-tracing backend and default tracing subscriber

Affects logging::subscriber

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

raw-window-handle implicit feature

Enables raw-window-handle ^0.3


Interoperability library for Rust Windowing applications

ron trace?

Enables ron ^0.5

serde replay? serial-pass? trace?
thread-id subscriber?

Enables thread-id ^3

tracing-subscriber subscriber?

Enables tracing-subscriber ^0.2

battery linux mac win dragonfly freebsd implicit feature

Enables battery


Cross-platform information about the notebook batteries

gfx-backend-vulkan win ios mac implicit feature

Enables gfx-backend-vulkan ^0.5.9


Vulkan API backend for gfx-rs

Affects instance::Instance.vulkan, instance::Surface.vulkan