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👋 Introduction

This library was developed in response to difficulties encountered while using cargo-watch for development of Enso. Addressing these issues proved to be challenging, while creation of this library required only a single evening of effort, leveraging well-established and production-ready JavaScript libraries outlined in this document. Functioning in a manner akin to cargo-watch, this library operates more effectively across multiple systems, mitigating multiple important concerns, including:

⚙️ How this library is made?

This library is a concise wrapper, comprising less than 300 lines of code, over the following libraries:

📖 Usage

To install this library, run cargo install cargo-watch-plus. Then, use cargo watch-plus --help to see what you can do. By default, when you run cargo watch-plus in your project, it runs cargo check if any file has been changed.

This library was designed as in-place replacement for cargo-watch and implements the same options. If you notice any differences, please let us know and we'll fix them.

👎 Downsides

The only disadvantage of this library is that it is not implemented in pure Rust. On the other hand, it bases on high-quality production-tested libraries, so it should provide you with consistent, good results across different operating systems.


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