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cargo thanks

Give thanks (in the form of github stars) to your fellow Rustaceans



This is intended to be installed as a cargo plugin

$ cargo install --force cargo-thanks

(adding the --force upgrades to the latest version when installing)


Create a github access token with the "public_repo" permission and store its value in an env variable named GITHUB_TOKEN

Within any of your Cargo based Rust projects, run the following

$ cargo thanks

This will find all of your Cargo dependencies, find their github.com repository from metadata hosted on crates.io, and star their github repositories. This was inspired in part by medium's clapping button as a way to show thanks for someone elses work you've found enjoyment in.

If you're asking why did some dependencies get thanked and not others, the answer is that this plugin only supports github.com at the moment. Pull requests are welcome to add support for thanking crates hosted on other services.

Doug Tangren (softprops) 2017


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